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12 Headline Hacks That Will Make Your Posts Spread Like a Wildfire

Blogger thinking about headlines
Blogger thinking about headlines

Writing a blog that keeps your readers read is important, but a headline that draws everyones attention, is at least as important as the blog itself. Research shows that on average 8 out of 10 will only see the headline and only 2 will click trough. If you want to raise that number by making your headline more appealing, read these 12 tips!

1. 7 Warning Signs that [Blank]

When people hear someone describing a certain problem, there is always a little voice inside that tell us, “That describes me perfectly!“. Convinced there is something wrong with us, we desperately want to find out what it is.

This headline uses that tendency. It promises that you can avoid a problem, if you know what the symptoms are.

2. The Shocking Truth about [Blank]

You've probably seen this one, the traditional media uses this a lot. It makes your readers curious, because you present it like it's actually a secret and you just discovered it. Thereby your audience feels exclusive.

It doesn't have to be bad news though, the only condition is that it has to be at least a little bit shocking.

3. 13 Things Your [Trusted Person] Won't Tell You.

Whether it's your husband, wife, son or daughter, you're supposed to trust them and you probably want to.. but what if they are not telling you something.. something you definitely want to know?

Many people worry about this very often and this hack plays on it wonderfully. You can use this for pretty much any topic and the attention of your audience will be drawn immediately.

4. Can't Keep up? 11 Ways to simplify Your [Blank].

Everyone has at least one aspect in their lives where they feel they want to do more then they can possibly accomplish. They have the feeling they are falling behind and worry they will never be able to catch up again, because it just keeps coming and coming.

It's a frequent thougt process and with the phrase 'Can't keep up?' you adress the thought that is already going trough their heads. It then gives you tips how to simplify the problem, so you can do a lot more in less time.

5. How to [Blank] in 5 Minutes.

Let's be honest, you can't change your life in 5 minutes. What you can do are little improvements, because in the end, change is made out of hundreds of little improvements, made in 5 minutes at the time.

Don't exaggerate with this headline. Use only the actions, you actually can do in 5 minutes. Don't use it just to draw the attention, because your audience will be a bit disappointed, which lower their trust in your blog.

6. 101 [Blank] Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for [Blank]

'Hacks' are gaining popularity. The idea of discovering 'hacks' that allows you to 'cheat' and get the same results with less effort is irresistible.

7. Do You Make These 9 [Blank] Mistakes.

You can use this sentence without the number as well, but if you use a number, it works even better. The reader thinks 'Oh, there are 9 mistakes you can make with this, I must be making one of them.'

The word that really makes this headline hack work, is the word 'these'. You have to read the article if you want to discover what 'these' really includes. Your audience will be curious instantly.

8. 11 [Blank] Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making.

We all have the urge to do things right. Well.. most of us do. Therefore we are scared for making one, but we are even more scared to making one we don't know of.

Whether it's the tag that is still hanging on your new clothes, without noticing it or thinking biweekly means twice a week, while it actually means every two weeks. If you find out later that you made the mistake, it's even more embarrasing.

We've all experienced it and that's why this hack works. It promises to help you avoid to make these mistakes and avoid the embarrassment.

9. How to [Blank] (Even If [Common Obstacle])

Have you ever read advice and thought, 'that will never work for me, because…'? People are always looking for excuses not to follow the advice, they believe that their circumstances are unique and the advice won't work for them. 'Even if' gives the impression the article is written for people in their exact situation.

10. 7 Steps to [Blank]

This is an old one, but is still works. The number here is very important. It makes it sound easy. When the steps are over, you will achieve the promised result. People like to know how much work it's going to take, so when they know there are only 7 steps (or 10, or 5) they are more motivated to accept the challenge.

11. Get [Blank]! 10 Ideas That Really Work.

This one is especially intriguing for people who have already tried numerous tips and tricks that didn't work. When you add 'that really work', people will feel it's really going to work this time around, even after their many previously failed attempts.

12. How to Survive Your First [Blank]?

Firsts are always a bit scary. You don't know what to expect and you don't want to make mistakes and embarrass yourself. When you are prepared, you can make a great first impression and that's what this headline is all about. It can be used for any topic, really.

Want to apply these awesome hacks to your next article or blogpost? Head over to right now and make it happen!

Happy earnings, guys!