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10 Places To Share Your Blog Post After You Hit Publish

Last time I wrote about writing tips to get you many shares. Today I want to talk about what you can do yourself to get more traffic on your blog.

People connecting
People connecting

1. Newsletter

As a blogger you should write a newsletter to your email list with your newest blogpost(s). It's not necessary to send them all your articles, only the best ones will suffice, but when you do, make sure you always mail it to them first before you share it anywhere else, because they like to feel that they are your priority.

In order to have a email list, make sure there is a button on your blog where new subscribers can sign up. This way they will be informed about your newest articles all the time.

2. Follow Up Series

Your follow up series is an automated mailing to your list, in which you can promote old article to new list sign up who weren't around where the article was orginally released. If you want more information about this topic, check out this blog.

3. Pinterest

There are 150 million active users worldwide with 75 billion pins (2016) and in many cases, it provides more than 50% of the traffic on blogs. Make sure you pin the new blog post in a board, specially created for your blogs, so when are people interested can easily find it.

4. Instagram

Especially with a visual blog like travel, fashion or beauty, this is a very powerful tool. More than 600 million people use Instagram, so you can reach a lot of people.

5. Twitter

Twitter has over 319 million users worldwide. It can be used to gain a lot of followers and subscribers, but you have to interact with them and you have share your content often, if you want to achieve that.

6. Facebook Fan Page

Create a fan page of your own, so people that like your blog can join the group. Make sure that you post your content here simultaneously with the newsletter. All the other groups can wait a little longer. Because here are the people that actually have decided to follow you and are interested in you, so think about them first before you start trying to gain more followers.

On Small Teaser you can arrange the settings, so your article will automaticly appear on your Facebook Page or Fan Page, quite handy!

7. Facebook groups

A lot of bloggers only follow other blogging groups on Facebook to share their content. This can increase your traffic, but your target audience is not only bloggers. Find some other groups that are interested in your field and share your content there.

8. LinkedIn

This is not for every blogger, but if you focus on content that is relevant for businesses, go for it. Find a group and connect with other people in your niche and find new readers.

9. Comment on other blogs

Commenting on other blogs might be a effective way to gain readers as well. You can share your tought on the article and give some tips about the topic, while referring to your own page. This way you can reach a new audience, but also add some value to the post.

10. Q&A websites

If your blog post describes a solution, you can find the question of the problem you dissolved on a Q&A website and post your article as an answer. They will be thankful!

This article was originally published on @karlieng